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Feb 23, 2022

Colorful Quinoa Salad

Colorful Quinoa Salad by Chef Tina Hoban   Makes 16 – 1 cup servings 1 medium zucchini, diced 1 ½ cups diced red onion ½ head cauliflower florets, broken

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Feb 16, 2022

Cedar Planked Roasted Vegetables

Cedar Planked Roasted Vegetables by Chef Tina Hoban Roasting vegetables on planks in your Wood Stone is a great way to add a little flavor and give your presentation

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Jan 31, 2022

Roasted Beet, Sweet and Blue Sandwich

Roasted Beet, Sweet and Blue Sandwich by Chef Tina Hoban Wood Stone ovens create the perfect environment for roasting vegetables. The dry heat allows the vegetables to color nicely

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Jan 19, 2022

German-Style Potato Salad

German-Style Potato Salad by Chef Tina Hoban Serves 4-6   INGREDIENTS 1 lb. fingerling potatoes ½ large yellow onion 2 oz. diced pancetta or bacon ½ cup apple cider vinegar

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Jan 08, 2022

Cherry Chocolate Skillet Cookie

Cherry Chocolate Skillet Cookie by Chef Tina Hoban Need something to warm you up during these chilly winter evenings? We highly recommend a skillet cookie…with a little bourbon 😉.

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Oct 12, 2021

Yogurt Baby Cakes with Grapes

We have some beautiful grape vines growing next to our herb garden here at Wood Stone. They are small, seedless little gems, perfect for adding to an impromptu birthday

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