Feb 23, 2021

Introducing our new “Start-Up Package”

Introducing our new Mountain Series “Start-Up Package!”

Our famous MS-5-RFG stone hearth oven is the perfect choice for casual dining, bars & pubs and now comes packaged with all the bells and whistles needed to provide the firepower and versatility you want in a single piece of equipment! We’ve included the following options in this package to set you up for instant success:

  • 🎨 Upper lagging in the color of your choice — pick the powder coat color that works with your brand!
  • 🔥 Custom branded flame guard — put your name on the flame
  • 🧹 Our new Debris mantel — makes clean up a breeze
  • ✨ A stainless steel stand wrap — dressed to shine and easy to clean!
  • 🛠 Medium tool set — make the best use of your oven with this handy set.

Future proof your restaurant and your menu with this high production showstopper.




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