Venting Overview

Wood Stone – Stone Hearth Oven Venting Overview

The following are general guidelines for venting a Wood Stone stone hearth oven. For more detailed information, always refer to the specific Installation and Operation Manual for your oven. All of our oven models may be vented using one of the two following methods (with exceptions noted below). In addition, you can find our Venting Presentation here.

  1. Direct connection to a power ventilated grease-rated duct system, subject to approval by local authority having jurisdiction.
  2. A listed Type 1 Exhaust Hood or one that is constructed and installed in accordance with NFPA 96 or the International Mechanical Code, and all relevant local and national codes. Note: The direct connect flue adapter should NOT be installed if the oven is installed under a hood.


  • Note: WS-FD-6045, WS-FD-8645, and many WS-DS Designer Series models may only be vented using a Type 1 hood. There is no direct connect option for these models.
  • All installations are subject to the approval of the local authority having jurisdiction. Submit your plans to the appropriate agencies before proceeding with installation.
  • All duct systems used for venting Wood Stone ovens must meet the requirements of a grease-rated duct as defined in NFPA 96 and the International Mechanical Code. Type 2 ventilation is NOT acceptable for this equipment.
  • Be aware that many jurisdictions require all cooking equipment to be vented with an exhaust hood, so the direct connect option may not be allowed.
  • Ovens with a direct connection should not be tied into a duct system serving hoods.
  • If fire suppression is required, a Type 1 hood system must be used.
  • Ovens that burn any solid fuel may not share duct systems with other non-solid fuel equipment.
  • Consult the Installation and Operation Manual for your model for specific ventilation requirements. Additionally, visit the Venting Do’s and Don’ts page for additional information.
  • Please contact us at 1.360.650.1111 if you have any questions regarding the venting or installation of your oven.


International Customers:

  • Please call us for custom spray hood options (cold mist and spark arrestor) at +1.360.650.1111.



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