Stone Hearth Ovens

Why Choose a Stone Hearth Oven?

There are many different types of pizza ovens out there. We understand that finding the best commercial pizza oven for your business is important and a long-term investment that you expect to generate high throughput, cook great food to serve to your customers and become the centerpiece in your kitchen. Stone hearth ovens are great for chefs who appreciate an authentic, high heat cooking experience.

Stone hearth baked pizza and other foods contain a distinct flavor with an evenly baked finish. This is due to the brick or refractory stone and wood or gas flames from the stone hearth’s baking chamber.

Stone hearth pizza ovens are capable of reaching high and consistent temperatures, commercial stone hearths may be the best professional pizza oven for your business. Experience shorter cooking times and more productivity with Wood Stone.

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Goucher College
9660 Double Door

Optional Double Door

Increase your productivity and overall return on investment without increasing your environmental impact. A double door stone hearth option offers better temperature control within your pizza oven, heat retention to ensure even cooking, and acts as an added safety feature that prevents accidental contact with the hot interior. 

Optional Stainless Steel Stand Wrap

Add a sleek stainless steel stand in leiu of the standard black painted stand.

Optional Powder Coat

Prismatic Powder Color PSM234324 with Supernova Sparkle topcoat

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