Traditional Series

The Traditional Series from Wood Stone offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern performance. These ovens provide an authentic, handcrafted appearance reminiscent of a traditional oven. If you’re a chef seeking the allure of a professional Old World pizza oven, you can now have it without compromising functionality. The traditional series ovens by Wood Stone marry the beauty of yesterday with the efficiency of today’s technology.

*price dependent on fuel configuration, options, and accessories.

Red tiled Traditional Series oven install
Traditional Series rendering

Available in multiple fuel configurations: Gas, Wood or Combo

Traditional Series ovens are available in the following fuel configurations:

• Radiant Flame Gas (-RFG)
• Radiant Flame Gas + Infrared Burner (-RFG-IR)
• Radiant Flame Gas + Infrared Burner + Wood (-RFG-IR-W)
• Radiant Flame Gas + Wood (-RFG-W)
• Wood + Infrared Burner (-W-IR)
• Wood only (-W)

Traditional Shape

Our traditional pizza series oven series offers a more traditional, rounded aesthetic.

Bright, Visible Flame

Our burners provide the lightest, brightest flame on the market. No need for additional lights inside of the cooking chamber here!

4" Thick Floor & Dome

Wood Stone’s cooking surface is a single piece of high temperature, high-quality ceramic versus old-style multi-piece brick and tile floors. One-piece floor construction means a consistent, unbroken heat transfer, resulting in higher production and a better quality product that you expect from a major appliance investment. Floor thickness equals thermal mass. Physics tells us that the greater the thermal mass, the better the floor will retain heat during the cooking process.This construction ensures higher production and a superior quality product, making them the perfect choice for those seeking a specialty oven that combines tradition with innovation.

If you’re in the market for a distinctive traditional oven with the power of modern technology, explore the culinary possibilities of the traditional pizza oven series from Wood Stone and choose the standout choice among major appliances in any professional kitchen.

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