Fire Deck Series

Fire Deck Series ovens are a versatile addition to any kitchen, and our team at Wood Stone specializes in creating stone hearth Fire Deck pizza ovens in various sizes to suit the preferences of any high-heat professional chef. Whether you need a commercial deck oven for a large pizzeria, Wood Stone has a Fire Deck for you.

Our commercial pizza ovens come in four sizes, with cooking or baking surfaces ranging from 7 sq. ft. to 45 sq. ft. These are the perfect artisan pizza ovens for any small or large kitchen. Each Fire Deck Oven is available as wood-fired, wood and gas combination, and gas-fired ovens. No matter which size or fuel scenario you prefer, Wood Stone ovens facilitate high volume and throughput.

Wood Stone Fire Deck pizza ovens are designed for high volume, making them the trusted choice for businesses looking to serve delicious pizzas and other dishes.

*price dependent on fuel configuration, options, and accessories.

Fire Deck 9660 rendering

Models available in multiple fuel configurations: Gas, Wood or Combo

• Radiant Flame Gas + Infrared Burner (-RFG-IR)
• Radiant Flame Gas + Infrared Burner + Wood (-RFG-IR-W)
• Radiant Flame Gas + Wood (-RFG-W)
• Wood + Infrared Burner (-W-IR)
• Wood only (-W)

Rectangular Footprint

The rectangular footprint allows the Fire Deck oven to fit into your cook line. It also makes it ideal for rectangular pan/batch cooking.

Bright, Visible Flame

Our burners provide the lightest, brightest flame on the market. No need for additional lights inside of the cooking chamber here!

4"- 6" Thick Floor & 4" Thick Dome

Wood Stone’s cooking surface is a single piece of high temperature, high-quality ceramic versus old-style multi-piece brick and tile floors. One-piece floor construction means a consistent, unbroken heat transfer, resulting in higher production and a better quality product. Floor thickness equals thermal mass. Physics tells us that the greater the thermal mass, the better the floor will retain heat during the cooking process.

Multiple Openings & Viewing Windows Available

Wood Stone Commercial Fire Deck pizza ovens are the perfect option for adding multiple door openings or air-cooled viewing windows to create an engaging culinary experience for your customers.

Whether you’re in the market for a Fire Deck for your business or one of our other customer favorite’s, Wood Stone has the perfect solution for you.

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