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Fire Deck 11290

For the highest production scenarios requiring huge amounts of cooking area, the Fire Deck 9690 delivers a massive 39 square feet. Available wood-fired or with radiant gas flames (or a combination), the Fire Deck 9690 features an underfloor infrared burner to maintain floor temperatures even during the heaviest production cycles, when the entire cooking surface is covered with pies

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Fire Deck 11290 Product Details

For the highest production scenarios requiring huge amounts of cooking area, Wood Stone presents the world’s largest manufactured stone hearth oven – the Fire Deck 11290. Available wood-fired or with radiant gas flames (or a combination), the Fire Deck 11290 features an underfloor infrared burner to maintain floor temperatures even under the heaviest loads, and a massive 48 square feet of cooking surface. Capable of cooking twenty 16-inch pies at once, the Fire Deck 11290 is the preferred oven of some of Wood Stone’s most successful customers, such as The Rock Wood Fired Pizza. A 60-inch wide doorway allows spectacular views of the live fire and cooking chamber, providing a familiar visual appeal. Built to last in the USA, the Wood Stone Fire Deck 11290 is a robust, reliable, and suitably massive workhorse.

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Fire Deck Hearth Pizza Capacities

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Fire Deck 86452014105-6n/an/a
Fire Deck 96604024158n/an/a
Fire Deck 969060402516129
Fire Deck 112605032181086
Fire Deck 11275675027141212
Fire Deck 11290755535201612
Fire Deck 901127451351912n/a

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Fire Deck 11290

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Visit our installation gallery including all oven lines and facade types.

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Find not only our Fire Deck Series Overview and Best Practices playlist, but also installation, cooking and maintenance videos on our YouTube channel.

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Installation Info

This information is provided to assist in safe and functional installation of Wood Stone Fire Deck ovens. Above all, the oven must be installed in accordance with all relevant local and national codes, and in a manner acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. We recommend our Fire Deck ovens be moved/installed using a forklift, pallet jack, or crane. Please visit our Oven Design & Installation page for additional details.

Oven Design & Installation

Service & Support

For technical service and support, please use the form below or call 360.650.1111 to speak with someone on our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Freight Weight Info

NOTE: Due to the size and weight of this oven, it requires a flatbed carrier. Please call 360.650.1111 with questions.

• 15.3 m³
• 540 ft³
• 11,500 lbs.
• 5,216 kg.
• Required Forklift: 26,000 lbs.
• Required Fork Length: 8 ft.
• Freight Class: 85
• Crated Dims (inches): *L=112, W=98, H=85

*Forklift Access Dimension

Freight Weight Table


We’ve curated a small collection of our most requested recipes to share. From our famed West Coast Dough to our delectable Chocolate Gourmandize, this collection covers all of your favorites.

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Custom Finishes:

Our ovens are available in a number of custom finishes including custom color powder coat and facade-ready.

Facade Tutorials:

The design of the Fire Deck oven lends itself to a number of facade possibilities. Use the link below to view instructions on how to facade a Wood Stone Fire Deck Series oven.

1. Direct-On-Oven Installation

2. Flat Wall w/Air-Cooled Viewing Window

Storage Boxes:

Wood Stone’s Storage Box is constructed of stainless steel. It slides easily into the oven stand and is easily removable for service access. The installed box rests on the oven stand, and the face of the box is flush to the base of the stand.

Downloads: Spec Sheet .pdf

Storage Box


Air-Cooled Viewing Windows:

Wood Stone offers a safe and attractive viewing window option for most of our ovens. The Air-Cooled Viewing Window (45.48″ W x 21.85″ H) incorporates a multi-layer design that helps to cool the outer glass surface. The viewing window assembly allows for the installation of a facade wall, by others, in a similar fashion to our other facade extension options. The durable and heat resistant ceramic-glass sections can be removed for cleaning. While the temperatures found on the outer surface will usually be safe enough to touch, we do recommend that the oven be installed in such a manner that the window is not located where it is within easy reach of curious customers. Also, it’s important to be aware that there is an approximate loss of 10-15% in production with adding the Air-Cooled Viewing Window.  Note: This option is not recommended for ovens burning solid fuel due to potential sooting issues encountered on the glass with wood burning applications.

CAUTION: The Air-Cooled Viewing Window is designed to provide a window assembly that is much cooler than the oven internal temperature. However, be aware that when in operation, temperatures on the external glass and frame can range from 120 °F to nearly 200 °F. Surfaces above 140 °F can cause burns. A Wood Stone oven is a high temperature commercial appliance. Care should be taken when designing an installation utilizing a Viewing Window to minimize the opportunity for anyone to directly contact the Viewing Window glass or frame while the oven is in operation or hot. In many cases a barrier (by others) will be necessary to ensure a safe installation.

Double Door Option:

Wood Stone offers Double Door options on Fire Deck Series and Mountain Series ovens.

With the Double Door option, access is available from both the front and the rear of select Fire Deck ovens. Adding a second doorway can change the efficiency and production capacity of your oven. For more information, contact the Wood Stone Culinary Team. On Fire Deck 9660 and larger models, the second doorway can mirror the size of the “control door” (where the oven controls are located). Alternatively, a smaller 30″ second operational doorway is available to reduce heat loss.

LL or RR burner positions shown. WS-FD-9690-DD, FD-11275-DD& FD-11290-DD models

The illustration on the left is a multiple doorway configuration for a number of Fire Deck Series ovens. The gray mantle represents the “control door” side, where the oven controls are located. The yellow mantle represents a vented, functioning doorway with mantle. The orange bars represent radiant burner positions for gas-fired configurations.

With multiple doorways, each must be vented in accordance with all relevant local and national codes, and in a manner acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

Decorative Flame:

Add more beautiful visual flare to your Fire Deck oven with the optional Decorative Flame Burner.

Standard Fire Deck Series models are available in a variety of burner and fuel configurations. The standard unit has flame locations on one or both side ends of the unit, as well as a thermostatically controlled Underfloor IR burner beneath the oven deck. The Decorative Flame burner is located in the center rear of the oven, and adds a direct front-facing visual flame.

The Decorative Flame measures 20″ long and 5″ deep. For custom series Fire Decks equipped with a Decorative Flame Burner, the Decorative Flame turns on automatically when the oven controller is turned on.

Decorative Flames are available for all Fire Deck sizes and are available in natural gas and propane configurations. Note: Adding a Decorative Flame to an oven will slightly reduce available hearth capacity.

Make sure to add the Decorative Flame to your Fire Deck 6045 or 8645 at time of order as they must be fitted at the factory. Other Fire Deck models made after 2008 can be retrofitted in the field to include a Decorative Flame.

Note: We can also personalize your oven by creating a Custom Decorative Flame Guard. Contact us to learn more!

Wood Stone’s new patent-pending Debris Mantle is designed for easy crumb and debris collection. Keep your burners clear by collecting debris in conveniently removable trays. Slide the trays out for easy emptying and wash them in any standard commercial dishwasher. Our Debris Mantle helps you maintain a clean cooking surface by offering a convenient receptacle to collect excess buildup on the floor. With a quick sweep using your Wood Stone brush, you can now keep the debris to a minimum and your radiant burners clear.

Fire Deck SeriesHWD

What sets Wood Stone apart from the competition (and why does it cost more?

For a detailed explanation of what makes Wood Stone special, please view our points of difference.

How much gas does a Wood Stone oven use?

The gas usage will vary greatly depending on your oven model, fuel type, usage, and even what you are cooking. However, as a reference point, a WS-MS-5-RFG-IR using natural gas rated at 188,000 BTU/hr (1.88therms/hr) with a temperature range of 550F-600F (285C-315C), with two hours of heat up time and four hours of cooking, might average around 675,000 BTU daily (6.75 therms/day or 1.125 therms/hr).

For more detailed information, check out the Average Gas Consumption page.

What is the difference between fuel types – is wood-fired really better?

Countless blind taste tests have confirmed for us that there is little appreciable difference in flavor.  In our opinion, it is open flame (of any kind) and the stone itself that create the wonderful flavor profiles that have long been associated with wood fire.  However, the theater and marketing power of a live wood fire cannot be underestimated.

Who do I contact for service, during, and after the warranty period?

You can reach our service team 24/7 by calling 800.988.8103. During office hours, you can also reach us at 360.650.1111.

During the Warranty period, you must contact Wood Stone directly for service.  We will arrange for service with one of our authorized service agents.  After the warranty period, you are free to utilize whichever service agency you prefer.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Parts can be ordered directly from Wood Stone by calling 800.988.8103. You can also purchase service parts at PartsTown.

Where can I buy tools & accessories? Can I purchase online?

Wood Stone tools and accessories can be purchased from any of our authorized dealers.  You can also purchase direct from the factory, via our shopify store or by calling us directly at 800.988.8103.

What is the average lead time on a piece of equipment?

Wood Stone equipment is usually built to order.  For a price quote or lead time estimate, please request a quote through a restaurant equipment dealer.

How much does your equipment cost? Where can I buy it?

Wood Stone does not sell equipment directly to end users. Our products are available through restaurant equipment dealers. If you are not currently working with a dealer, please contact the Wood Stone factory representative closest to you, and they will introduce you to one. Call us at 800.988.8103 with questions.

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