Wood Stone

Mt. Series Installation

Video capturing the installation of a Wood Stone Mt. Adams oven at Saratoga Restaurant Equipment Sales in Gansevoort, NY.

Oven Installation FAQs

Answers To Your Questions

“This is my first time to the website, where do I start learning about installing a Wood Stone?”
The most comprehensive information regarding installation can be found in the Installation and Operation Manuals for each piece of equipment.

“How do these ovens ship?”
Contact us to get the important details a freight company will need for shipping a Wood Stone oven by land, air, or sea. Then read Unloading & Moving to learn how to handle the ovens once they arrive.

“That’s a big oven. How do I fit it in the door?
Have concerns about fitting your oven in the door? We have solutions! Contact us for recommendations.

“I’m ready to arrange the gas plumbing and the electrical, what do I need to know?”
View the Electrical page, then download the Installation and Operation Manual for your particular oven.

“My HVAC guy is on the phone,” or “my inspector has never worked with a restaurant with one of these ovens before.”
It is easier than it looks. You will want to start by getting everyone working on this project on the same page, literally and figuratively. Share the Venting Guidelines page with contractors and inspectors and make sure your installers read the Dos and Don’ts of Oven Venting.

“What are the clearances on your oven, and what’s the footprint?”
Please see the Clearances and our Facade Tutorials for clearance details. For sizing information, refer to the individual oven specs in our Product Catalog, and for other details, please download and review the appropriate Installation and Operation Manual.

“The oven’s in place, vented, and plumbed. How do I build a decorative facade?”
Our Facade Tutorials are the place to start. These tutorials will walk you through “typical” installations. After you’ve got a feel for the basics check out our installation photo galleries on Flickr to see variations on the theme.

“It’s early in the game, I haven’t ordered my oven yet. What pieces can I include with my oven to make this installation easier?”
So here’s the sales pitch . . . after selling and supporting over 17,000 ovens around the world, we’ve come up with some great accessories that aid the installation process and can save you time and money. We call them Facade Extensions and they can be used with flat walls, corner placements, or stand alone cylinder or “silo” installations.

Please keep in mind we are always at the other end of the phone. Give us a call at 360.650.1111 and a Wood Stone customer service team member will listen to your questions and help you find the answers.

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