Facade Extensions

Wood Stone offers a number of doorway, service panel and storage box options to help make oven installation into a facade wall seamless and attractive. Coordinated extensions bring the doorway of the oven into alignment with a panel or storage box below the oven. Both must be ordered at the same time to ensure proper alignment.

The face of an extension can be flat or curved. Curved extensions are available in either small or large radius dimensions (see exceptions on next page). Whatever your facade design, there’s an option that’s right for you.

Additionally, there’s an arched doorway extension which mirrors the traditional stone hearth oven design.

The side walls of all rectangular doorway extensions flare out slightly to enhance accessibility into the oven, and create a distinctive and attractive look.

Lower extension options include the Service Panel Extension and the 15″ deep Storage Box Extension, which offers additional storage for ovens with an Underfloor IR burner.

For ovens without an IR burner, Stand-Mounted Storage Boxes are an option.

For additional information, including measurements, please visit the Facade Extension page in our Product Catalog or visit our Facade Tutorials .pdf .


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