Unloading & Moving

Moving a Wood Stone oven can present interesting challenges to even the most experienced riggers. Take your time, use your head, secure the proper equipment and make safety your first priority. Don’t hesitate to call the factory for technical support 24/7 at 800.988.8103. We also encourage you to visit the Installation Solutions Page for the nuisances of moving specific pieces of equipment. Note: These ovens are very top-heavy. Moving an oven up or down on a ramp via a pallet jack is not safe!

Each customer will receive an Oven Shipping Notification when the oven leaves the Wood Stone factory. This will include a PRO# and a trucking company contact number. Wood Stone recommends that you confirm the delivery date and time with the trucking company before committing to heavy equipment and/or labor. Our goal is for you to experience both a smooth and safe delivery.

Wood Stone recommendations for unloading and moving vary based on oven type. Please choose the appropriate oven type below to download recommendations specific to your product.


Bistro Line

Mountain Series

Fire Deck 6045

Fire Deck 8645

Fire Deck 9660 + 11260

Fire Deck 9690 + 11290 + 11275 + 90112

Traditional Series

**International Freight Information

Wood Stone

Mt. Series Installation

This video captures the installation of a Wood Stone Mt. Adams oven at Saratoga Restaurant Equipment Sales in Gansevoort, NY

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