Installation Solutions


Got a tough installation? Wood Stone has solutions…

Basics Solutions:

Start by reading our Unloading & Moving page for details on simple installations. This also gives you info on the proper equipment you’ll need for moving our ovens around.


Creative Solutions:

It’s amazing how often simply removing a window or door frame can bring to light inexpensive installation possibilities not originally considered. For those installations with more complex requirements, please contact us to discuss your options at 800.988.8103.


Rigging Solutions:

Still having trouble fitting the oven in? For our Mountain Series ovens, consider a Rollover Cage to use with a rigger. This option has done the trick for many customers with a challenging installation.


Alternative Oven Solutions:

In addition to our classic line of Mountain Series (octagonal) ovens, our Fire Deck Series or Bistro Line ovens, with their rectangular shape, may be more accommodating to your individual needs.

Fire Deck Series — The rectangular Fire Deck 6045 and Fire Deck 8645 ovens offer high production alternatives to our Mountain Series ovens in easier-to-bring-in-the-door shapes. Each can be modified to fit through a 49-inch wide doorway in a matter of minutes, and with a little more effort can fit through a 46-inch wide doorway. *Please note that our Fire Deck Series ovens cannot be installed via a Rollover Cage.

Bistro Line — The compact Bistro models can be removed from their stands and turned on their side to fit through a 32-inch doorway for customers with medium production requirements.


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