Rollover Cage (MS Ovens)

Got a challenging installation? No problem. We have options. Wood Stone Mountain Series Ovens can be shipped with an optional Rollover Cage to facilitate removal from the stand to fit it through a smaller doorway.

  1. Order the Oven with a Rollover Cage.
  2. Remove gas and electrical components. All ovens ship fully assembled. Contact Wood Stone for a recommended service agency in your area that can remove and reinstall the gas and electrical components. This must be performed by a qualified technicians to maintain the warranty.
  3. Rig oven off stand. We recommend you hire a professional rigger.
  4. Oven is ready to turn.
  5. Tip oven in rollover cage on to its back
  6. Take oven through opening using pallet jack or sturdy dollies.


Rollover Cage dimensions

Oven W X Y Z
Mt. Chuckanut 4′ 50″ 45″ 42″ 65″
Mt. Adams 5′ 64″ 47″ 48″ 78″
Mt. Baker 6′ 76″ 47″ 54″ 90″
Mt. Rainier 7′ 88″ 51″ 71″ 102″


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