Rotisserie Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Routine Preventive Maintenance: Direct Drive Rotisseries (SFR & GFR Models)

Contact the Wood Stone Service Department or a qualified local service company for any maintenance or repairs.

Note: Always disconnect the power supply before servicing this appliance.

Main Bearing Lubrication (every 12 months)

The two main shaft bearings should receive one pump of a NLGI Grade 2 lithium-based grease, such as Lubriplate 630-2, every 12 months. These bearings are located inside the cabinet on either end of the main shaft. A Zerk fitting for each bearing is located directly below the top door hinge on either side of the cabinet on the operator (door) side. Care should be taken not to over lubricate these bearings. One pump is sufficient.

Motor Brushes Replacement (approximately every 3 years)

The three year replacement recommendation is based upon an average daily use of 10 hours. Contact Wood Stone or your local service company technician for service.

Reduction Gear Lubrication

The gearbox is permanently lubricated and requires no additional maintenance.

Spur Gear Bushing

Check the spur gear bushings for signs of binding or lateral movement where the gear shank passes through the drive end drum. The gear should rotate in the Rulon inner bushing. If the gear and Rulon bushing are rotating in the drum sleeve instead, remove the gears and Rulon bushings, clean and refit. Do not lubricate the bushings or gears.

To remove the gears, first mark the drum in relation to the shaft to ensure it is reinstalled in the same position. Remove the six bolts that retain the drum end to the hub and slide the drum end assembly toward the center of the cabinet. The spur gears can now be removed by loosening the set screw retaining the locking collar and sliding the gears out of the drum.

Inner Drum Sealing

The condition of the high-temperature sealant used to seal the inner drums to the cabinet walls and the inside corners of the cabinet should be checked and renewed if sealant has failed. Use Dow Corning 732 RTV sealant.

Door Jamb Micro Switch

Check the jamb switch for proper operation. The switch should move freely in the jamb without sticking or binding and the drums should stop when the doors are opened.

Speed Control Knob

Check the speed control potentiometer for proper operation and the knob for tightness.

Door Latch

Check the door latch mechanism for proper operation. If sticking occurs, remove the wedge pin, clean, refit and adjust.

Exhaust Hood

Refer to the exhaust hood manufacturer’s recommendations for inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

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