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04.03.18 //Introducing Wood Stone Detroit-Style Pizza

Cheese-and-Crust-Lovers unite! Developed in Detroit, Michigan, the square shape pizza traditionally combines extra thick crust, crispy baked cheese, a crispy bottom, and pepperoni. Imagine biting into a chewy, cheesy, crispy slice, so full // READ MORE


Modern Flavors of Arabia and Wood Stone!

  On Friday, April 19th, the Wood Stone test kitchen was host to cookbook author and chef Suzanne Husseini and restaurateurs Nipun Sharma and Aladdin Khasawneh. Using a dual burner Bistro 4343, the trio produced // READ MORE


Recipe: Molasses & Pepper Tri Tip Roast

Serves 5 This roast emerges from our ovens tender and moist and the sweetness of the molasses marinade makes for a tri tip that melts in your mouth. Ingredients 1 ea. 2 -3-lb. // READ MORE