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07.02.15 //Green Plate Special and Garden Recipes

I flew to Seattle recently to help former Wood Stone Home Chef Laura Dewell with a fundraising dinner in the garden of her fantastic non-profit Green Plate Special (GPS) // READ MORE


Charred Fruit and Fennel Fraiche Recipe

  A couple days ago, the Wood Stone Test Kitchen churned out this new, delicious recipe! Dessert anybody? Fennel Crème Fraiche 1 Cup                     Sour Cream 1 Tbsp                   Heavy Whipping Cream 1 tsp                      Fresh Squeezed // READ MORE


Modern Flavors of Arabia and Wood Stone!

  On Friday, April 19th, the Wood Stone test kitchen was host to cookbook author and chef Suzanne Husseini and restaurateurs Nipun Sharma and Aladdin Khasawneh. Using a dual burner Bistro 4343, the trio produced // READ MORE