Jun 22, 2022

Veggie Filled Boule

Veggie filled Boule

Here is a little inspiration for your next Boule. It’s fun to play around with standard recipes and hopefully, we can inspire creativity within the chef community on how Wood Stone ovens can do more than cook pizzas.

Carefully slice a boule in half horizontally. Layer in plenty of oven-roasted veggies (pictured), or you could add chicken, cheese, and many other toppings SKIES THE LIMIT. Put the top of the boule back on. Bake on your stone hearth like you normally would.

Chef Tip: Place a stainless steel bowl upside down over your boule during the first half of your bake to create a moist environment and increase oven-spring.

This Veggie Filled Boule was cooked in a stone hearth oven – Fire Deck 9660, but any of our Stone Hearth Ovens will do beautifully.

Chef Tina Hoban is always in the kitchen looking to inspire creativity. Let us know if you have any questions – She’s here to help.
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