Fire Deck 9690


For the highest production scenarios requiring huge amounts of cooking area, the Fire Deck 9690 delivers a massive 39 square feet. Available wood-fired or with radiant gas flames (or a combination), the Fire Deck 9690 features an underfloor infrared burner to maintain floor temperatures even during the heaviest production cycles, when the entire cooking surface is covered with pies. A 60-inch wide doorway allows spectacular views of the live fire and cooking chamber, providing a familiar, classically American visual appeal. Favored by some of Wood Stone’s most successful customers, like Bertucci’s Brick Oven Pizzeria, the Fire Deck 9690 is ideal for large pies or just lots of small ones. Built to last in the USA, the Wood Stone Fire Deck 9690 is a reliable and powerful workhorse.

Fire Deck 9690 Gallery