Mt. Olympus Solid Fuel Rotisserie

There is no more spectacular restaurant theater than a fully loaded rotisserie, turning over open flame – and no rotisserie delivers like the Wood Stone Mt. Olympus. Featuring a cast ceramic firebox which holds onto essential heat, the Mt. Olympus uses real wood and lump charcoal to sear in moisture and deliver unmistakable hardwood flavor.

Available in standard or narrow widths, with or without a charbroiler.

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Mt. Olympus Solid Fuel Rotisserie Product Details

All of our charbroilers and rotisseries have been designed at the request, and to the specifications of chefs. The rotisseries are designed so that the grease doesn’t drip onto the fire and cause bitter, acrid smoke to bathe the food; this allows the subtle flavors of your fuelwood of choice to standout. Unlike all other rotisseries, the Wood Stone rotisserie puts the show right up front; the customer can see the mouthwatering food gently rotating through the wall of flame. It’s no mystery what that will do for your sales.

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Mt. Olympus Rotisserie with Grill Video

Mt. Olympus Solid Fuel Rotisserie


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We’ve curated a small collection of our most requested recipes to share. From our famed West Coast Dough to our delectable Chocolate Gourmandize, this collection covers all of your favorites.

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The Mt. Olympus Solid Fuel Rotisserie is available with 6 or 10 spit locations in four possible configurations:

  • WS-SF-(6,10)
  • WS-SF-(6,10)N
  • WS-SF-(6,10)-BROILER
  • WS-SF-(6,10)N-BROILER

Who do I contact for service, during, and after the warranty period?

You can reach our service team 24/7 by calling 800.988.8103. During office hours, you can also reach us at 360.650.1111.

During the Warranty period, you must contact Wood Stone directly for service.  We will arrange for service with one of our authorized service agents.  After the warranty period, you are free to utilize whichever service agency you prefer.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Parts can be ordered directly from Wood Stone by calling 800.988.8103. You can also purchase service parts at PartsTown.

Where can I buy tools & accessories? Can I purchase online?

Wood Stone tools and accessories can be purchased from any of our authorized dealers.  You can also purchase direct from the factory, via our shopify store or by calling us directly at 800.988.8103.

What is the average lead time on a piece of equipment?

Wood Stone equipment is usually built to order.  For a price quote or lead time estimate, please request a quote through a restaurant equipment dealer.

How much does your equipment cost? Where can I buy it?

Wood Stone does not sell equipment directly to end users. Our products are available through restaurant equipment dealers. If you are not currently working with a dealer, please contact the Wood Stone factory representative closest to you, and they will introduce you to one. Call us at 800.988.8103 with questions.

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