Jul 02, 2015

Green Plate Special and Garden Recipes

I flew to Seattle recently to help former Wood Stone Home Chef Laura Dewell with a fundraising dinner in the garden of her fantastic non-profit Green Plate Special (GPS), a garden-to-table educational center for middle school youth. The dinner’s theme was food from the country of Georgia (a former Soviet republic where Laura has lived and studied), inspired by produce from the GPS garden. Georgian cuisine is loaded with flavor, mixing culinary traditions of both the Middle East and Europe and combining fruits, nuts, spices and lots of fresh herbs which has resulted in a unique, fresh and delicious culinary tradition. Below are a few items from the dinner which were prepared in a cherry red Wood Stone commercial oven that resides on the property. Although GPS has a commercial Wood Stone oven, all of the recipes below translate seamlessly to the Wood Stone Home oven. How? Same oven, different listing. With a Wood Stone Home oven you are cooking with same equipment as the pros.


  • Beet Pkhali
    Pkhali is a typical Georgian dish of chopped vegetables, walnuts, herbs and vinegar. Here’s a version with beets baked in the Wood Stone oven.


  • Khachapuri
    This delicious cheese and egg filled bread is a traditional staple of Georgian cuisine. We baked it in the Wood Stone oven to golden brown, warm, cheesy perfection. Georgian pizza!


  • Lummi Island Wild Salmon with Green Ajika
    Green Ajika is a spicy mixture of chiles and fresh herbs from the country of Georgia. Here it is used as both a seasoning rub and a condiment for a Wood Stone oven roasted salmon filet. Couldn’t be easier or more delicious! Lummi Island Wild is co-owned by Wood Stone’s co-founder Keith Carpenter, who generously donated the salmon for the GPS event.


  • Chicken Satsivi with Garden Greens
    From toasting the walnuts, sautéing the onions, and browning the chicken to the final braising, the Wood Stone comes into play for every component of this classic Georgian dish.

Chef Ann Rudorf
Wood Stone Home Corporate Chef

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