Feb 23, 2011

Pizza Dough!

Contributor: Jackie Van Zwol – VP, Consultant Champion and Team Building, Wood Stone

pizza dough

We received this photo (Wood Stone Pizza Dough Recipe) from a Wood Stone Friend, Ric, who has specified several ovens into projects – thank you Ric! Ric is yet to become a Wood Stone owner but has become familiar with our dough recipe as he enjoys baking pies weekly. Ric is a pizza freak and understands the importance of HOT.

I told Ric it was funny that when he sent us that photo, I TOO was making the Wood Stone dough for use the next day! Unlike Ric, this was my first time, even though I DO have a Wood Stone oven at home. The dough balls turned out great! I may not be buying dough balls from our local Wood Stone pizzeria (La Fiamma) anymore.

Wood Stone has a variety of dough resources for the commercial kitchen including a dough log, temperature control and seven different dough recipes depending on the type of pizza dough you are trying to achieve. Whether you are hoping for a East Coast Dough or a Whole Wheat Dough, we have your covered.

We also have a  residential dough recipe  if you are looking for step by step for home use.


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