May 09, 2013

Holy Smokes!


Nothing beats the thrill and anticipation of watching meat slow cook on a Wood Stone Rotisserie.  Chefs Bill Brizzillara and Julie Stapes from North Carolina State University (Go Wolfpack!) were in the test kitchen this week to try out the Cascade Gas-Fired Rotisserie.  Some of the succulent treats included:

Beef –Brisket, Top Round, Sirloin Flap, and Shoulder Tender.

Chickens– Roasted Whole!

Pork –Baby Back Ribs, Whole Loin.

In addition, there were all sorts of wonderful breads, pizzas, vegetables, appetizers, and entrees that came out of the Fire Deck 6045!

What a day – it’ll be a while until my stomach shrinks back to its normal size!

-Travis Walker, Corporate Sous Chef



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