Apr 16, 2013

Wood Stone Tandoor to be used at Kneading Conference 2013!


Naomi Duguid, world traveler, photographer, cook and author of numerous books (not to mention the current bible on flatbreads), will be teaching a flatbread workshop Thursday, July 25th and Friday the 26th at the Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, Maine. At this festival put on by the Maine Grain Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of grain traditions, Duguid will use a Wood Stone tandoor oven to make her flatbreads.

Duguid says, “[She is] delighted to be able to do a hands –on workshop with a tandoor oven from the Wood Stone Corporation. We’ll be working with leavened wheat flour doughs, and shaping and baking tandoor breads. It’s a rare opportunity to get comfortable with tandoor baking.”

If interested in participating in the Flatbreads Workshop or even in just observing the use and artistry of a Wood Stone tandoor, contact Wendy Hebb at to indicate your interest. Please visit the Kneading Conference  for additional information.

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