Sep 24, 2018

Guest Post: Meet Liza Elman

Meet Liza Elman, Wood Stone Test Kitchen Coordinator

Hi Liza! When considering opening a restaurant, why should someone visit the Wood Stone Test Kitchen first?

Guests usually walk into the Test Kitchen and are surprised at the scope of equipment we manufacture. They share that it has been super helpful to have the products on display and available for use.

Coming to the Test Kitchen gives you hands-on experience with chefs who are knowledgeable about our extensive product line. Each visit is unique and catered to the specific guest. If there is anything that you want to see, we can make that happen.

What are some of the key takeaways from their visit?

We will show you many of the techniques that can be used with our equipment. You can take this knowledge and explore ENDLESS options to build your business.

What was one of your favorite memories from a guest visit?

One of my favorite visits was when guests had stopped at Pike Place Market before heading up from Seattle. They brought with them some king crab legs to cook off the Mt. St. Helens charbroiler. They were so happy with the results – and were able to season them from our extensive spice and dry storage pantry.  These guests ended up staying the day to continue playing on their new piece of equipment that was due to arrive at their restaurant within a month!

How long have you worked at Wood Stone?

I have worked at Wood Stone for 1 year and it has been wonderful! I’ve been in the Test Kitchen the whole time and have been able to work with some extraordinary chefs and visitors. It has been especially rewarding to showcase the range of food products that come off our equipment.

Besides pizza (of course), what is your favorite item to bake in a Wood Stone oven?

I love roasting any vegetable in our oven. With just oil, salt and pepper, the resulting flavors are incredible.

What sparked your love for the culinary world?

My first job was working in the back of the house of Vermont’s Stowe Mountain Resort restaurant. I was doing prep, sushi, pre-wrapped sandwiches and all the baked goods. Here, I worked with a team of 30 people serving as many as 3,000 lunches per day. I then moved to small cafes, paired with farm work over the summertime.

I transitioned to working with kids and cooking, starting my own cooking program on Whidbey Island for kids third-to-eighth grade. It is still up and running even as I have relocated to Bellingham and am now working here at Wood Stone.

When you’re not creating goodies, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to be outside and I try to spend as many weekends out camping as possible. I am a newbie at surfing and just invested in a stand-up paddle board.


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