Sep 30, 2014

Wood Stone – Worth its weight in gold!

In one word: breathtaking!

Our friend, Domenico Crolla recently finished the most amazing installation we have ever seen — he completely covered his Wood Stone Mt. Rainier 7′ oven in 24K gold!! In addition to this gold beauty, Domenico has also made quite the name for himself with his artistic pizza creations – from Sophia Loren to a Seattle Seahawks pizza, he’s done them all. You can view a number of them on his website or his facebook page. We are huge fans of Domenico’s work and if you are ever in Glasgow, please swing into Bella Napoli and snap a photo and tell us what you think!

When asked to share his thoughts on Wood Stone, Domenico had the following to say:

“I’ve been in the pizza business for over thirty years so I know a thing or two about baking a good pizza. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled internationally either as a competitor or a culinary judge and have had the opportunity to experience every make of oven. So I can say that my decision to invest in a Wood Stone was an educated choice”.

We’d say it’s an investment worth its weight in gold.


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