Aug 29, 2011

Wood Stone’s "Great City Tour" Part 1: Chicago


Is there a better food city in the world than Chicago? The Windy City is tough to beat. The Wood Stone team made our annual trek to Chicago this year for the NRA show in May. Once again we were reminded what a food-rich place it is. And Wood Stone equipment is contributing to some of that success. We have over 100 customers in the Chicagoland area. If you have 3 days here are few Wood Stone meals within “walking” distance to try (and these are just 8 of many of our favorites!).

Day 1

Lunch: Puck’s at the MCA. Have a great Wolfgang Puck inspired pizza for lunch, then roam the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s exhibits. We’ve heard looking at moving Calder mobile burns twice as many calories as looking at an old Reuben – Go Modern!
Wood Stone Connection: Mt. Adams WS-MS-5-RFG-IR
Dinner: Art Smith’s Table 52. One of the great culinary experiences in America. Reservations are a must unless you get one of the counter seats. Don’t miss the Crispy Pork Belly or the Wood Stone oven fired Cornbread and Three-Cheese Mac!
Wood Stone Connection: Fire Deck 9660 Oven

Day 2

Breakfast (yes, breakfast!): Xoco by Rick Bayless will change your idea of what Chicago food can be. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT miss the Mexico City Thick (Champurrado) hot chocolate! For breakfast, you can never go wrong with the oven fired huevos rancheros, but the Wood-Oven Chilaquiles absolutely blew us away. We’ve seen a lot of things done in a Wood Stone – that was amazing!
Wood Stone Connection: Mt. Adams WS-MS-5-W
Lunch: La Madia.Jonathan Fox has done a stunning job setting up this contemporary pizzeria. From the décor to the menu, it’s a don’t miss experience. And tell him hello from us!
Wood Stone Connection: Mt. Baker WS-MS-6-W-IR
Dinner: The Purple Pig. Voted 1 of the 10 best new restaurants in America by Bon Appetit Magazine, 2010. Chefs Scott, Tony, Jimmy and Jimmy Jr. have done something so right here we don’t know where to start….but we do know, don’t miss anything coming off their a la (Wood Stone) Plancha section, items like Wagyu Sirloin Tips or Octopus with Green Beans…
Wood Stone Connection:  Plancha

Day 3

Lunch: Rosebud Trattoria. A great spot for dinner too, we just have too much to pack in to 3 days. Grab a power lunch at their great long bar or at a seat in front of the oven in the dining room. We’ve had a couple of fabulous and fun meals here. If you do come for lunch, you’ll be coming back for a nightcap to enjoy the nightlife.
Wood Stone Connection: Mt. Adams WS-MS-5-RFG-IR
Dinner: Scoozi!. We cannot recall a Wood Stone trip to Chicago in the past decade plus that hasn’t included at least one dinner at this Lettuce Entertain You group jewel. We know you’ll enjoy their authentic Italian as much as we do.
Wood Stone Connection: Mt. Rainier WS-MS-7-W  & Mt. St. Helens Broiler
Nightcap: Wildfire. You’d better have saved some room because we can’t let you leave Chicagoland without a stop by another favorite, Wildfire. At least save a little room for dessert or maybe if you aren’t in the mood for Italian this would be a good meaty choice for dinner. And scout it out for your next trip to Chicago…
Wood Stone Connection: Mt. Rainier WS-MS-7-W
Let us know if you have been to any of these locations or if there is a Wood Stone hot-spot that we have missed!
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