Oct 02, 2018

Guest Post: Meet Chef Anthony Mukerjee

Meet Anthony, Wood Stone Corporate Chef

Why would you recommend a visit to our Wood Stone Test Kitchen?

The Wood Stone Test Kitchen is a space for guests to learn about the power and versatility of our equipment and to get to know us as a company. You will spend a day one-on-one with a chef who has many years of Wood Stone experience and can help you get the most out of your equipment.

Who will receive the most value? 

Whether you’ve been a Wood Stone customer for years or are just opening your first place, a day of training at Wood Stone can be valuable time spent in the process of opening a new restaurant or revamping an existing menu. All of our guests walk away with a ton of information and a true sense of the partnership that Wood Stone values in all of our customers.

How long have you worked with Wood Stone equipment?

I have been a part of the Wood Stone culinary team for 5 years and worked with our equipment a couple of years prior.

What is the best part about working at Wood Stone?

The best parts about working at Wood Stone are the people and the food! I get to work with some of the best and brightest in the industry and make great food while doing it. I love cooking in both the Fire Deck 9660 and Gas Vertical Rotisserie because of the endless possibilities of food that can be made with these pieces of equipment.

We know you eat a LOT of delicious (and sometimes exotic) food in the kitchen. Do you have a favorite menu item?

If I had to pick a favorite food out of our equipment, I’d have to go with a large NY slice of pepperoni…But rotisserie BBQ ribs are a close second.

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