Aug 04, 2011

Wood Stone – Partnering for Success

Corporate Chef, Tim Green
At Wood Stone we have partnered with teams of factory reps all around the world.  Those reps have gathered groups of reputable Dealers, Designers, and Consultants from around the globe.  These industry partners work directly with our customers and offer their services through design, installation, information, and education.
At Wood Stone, our test kitchen and facility offer a unique experience for all these parties to congregate and get firsthand experience about the equipment that they are looking at to create their concept.  Wood Stone’s test kitchen is fully staffed and offers the environment for people to congregate to cast vision and learn about our equipment and how it will integrate with their concept.
This past week was a perfect example of all the parties coming together to visualize their concept and bring it to life.  The customer brought their chefs with them to learn and understand the equipment.  The chefs prepared a demonstration to their management.  Also included in the visit were the Design/Dealer, the Factory Rep, and the Contractor.  After a great presentation space was cleared at the table and plans were reviewed.   The team discussed and presented their thoughts and ideas with the goal of creating a world class kitchen. Everyone had their input based on their experience and expertise.
This was a great example of the planning, organization, and time commitment it takes to create a successful concept.  Building this foundation insures success for everyone involved.

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