Dec 19, 2011

Wood Stone & Dorothy Lane Market

By Chef Tim Green
Dorothy Lane Markets is setting the bar high – not only when it comes to pizza but also when it comes to the grocery industry and the dedication it takes to bake great pizza.

Dorothy Lane Market - Brussels & Balsamic Naples-Style Pizza

Recently, Dorothy Lane Markets committed to the purchase of a Wood Stone oven so they could create very traditional Naples-style pizzas. They are now open and flourishing. Pies are being baked in less than 2 minutes at temperatures up to 1100 degrees in their Mt. Baker 6 ‘RFG-IR oven– which we know is the only way to get the results of a true Neopolatana Pizza. They use very lean, fresh dough with minimal ingredients and have trained pizzaiolos which meticulously attend to their pizzas creating a beautifully finished product with a caramelized crust and a balanced top and bottom.
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