Oct 21, 2009

Wood Stone at Bates College

We were very excited to see Wood Stone mentioned in a recent On Campus Hospitality article about Bates College:

…The centerpiece of the facility is a brick oven from Wood Stone. “It was a difficult piece of equipment for me to embrace because it was one of the most expensive pieces we put in,” she said. “I actually flew out to Bellingham, Wash., with my chef, because I just wasn’t sold on it. I spent a day there and was just amazed by the things you could do – you can do anything in it. We are just now beginning to test the limits of the oven and we are nowhere near capacity. It is phenomenal what you can do out of it. We are doing artisan breads. We are doing dessert. We are doing some overnight cooking with residual heat. We ended up actually going for a bigger-size oven.”

Christine Schwartz
Dining Services Director
Bates College
Lewiston, ME
Mt. Baker Dual Gas Oven

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