Oct 06, 2009

Interest in Coal-Fired Pizza Heats Up


Interest in coal-fired ovens heats up
Richard Slawsky Editor,

For serious pizza aficionados, pies cooked in a coal-fired oven rank above all others.

There are dozens of Internet discussion forums debating the merits of 1,000-degree heat and the proper amount of char for a pizza crust. Stories abound about pizzaiolos who trained for years before ever being allowed to touch the peel.

There’s even a page on the pizza blog Slice devoted to mapping the location of every coal-fired oven in the country. Interest in coal-fired ovens, barely on the radar screen for most people several years ago, is now top of mind for pizza lovers.

“Until about four years ago, we probably got one or two calls a year about coal-fired ovens, and then all of a sudden it was like the sky was falling,” said Frank Milward, corporate chef at the Bellingham, Wash.-based oven manufacturer Wood Stone. “I would say that now I talk to a new person interested in coal almost every day.”

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