Oct 06, 2009

Wood Stone and Coal-Fired Pizza


Interest in coal-fired pizza in the U.S. is back! Both pizza lovers and pizzeria operators are clamoring to recapture the original North American pizza experience, but working with a coal-fired oven isn’t for the uninspired. A coal-fired oven requires an exceptional amount of commitment and skill. If you are currently baking and serving pizza out of a coal-fired oven our hat is off to you, and we believe that you will be able to see how our ovens can make your cooking life better.

Many people love the pizza that comes out of coal-fired ovens. Is it the fuel source, or is it the level of commitment that it takes to be successful in front of a coal-fire that makes the difference? We will leave questions like this up to the market but we do know that after you master managing a coal-fire, making and baking a great pizza can seem pretty simple.

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