May 26, 2020

Webinar Series: Part 1, The Gas Plancha

Gas Plancha Versatility Webinar

Introducing the Wood Stone Webinar Series, Part 1:



May 29, 2020
11:00AM PST




Join us on Friday, May 29th from 11:00-11:45AM PST as our Director of Global Sales, Michael Quinn, and Chefs Mike Brockman and Anthony Mukerjee share how the power and versatility of the Wood Stone Gas Plancha make it perfectly suited to address the needs of today’s evolving kitchens. Customer demands are changing rapidly! Don’t let your equipment limit your ability to grow and change as you move forward. Future-proof your kitchen.

Learn how to use the Wood Stone Gas Plancha to:

  • meet today’s changing culinary demands and elevate your brand.
  • eliminate the need for other pieces of equipment in your kitchen.
  • help create unlimited menu possibilities and prepare multiple cuisines on one unit!


We hope you can join us!


Registration is required, but the event is FREE and will be recorded should you be unable to attend.

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