May 07, 2020

Powerful Product – Stoneburner

Stoneburner Oven

Powerful Product – Stoneburner



“…The food is about the things that I like to cook and that’s constantly changing. We cook everything in the oven. The main focus – obviously we do a lot of pizzas here, we cook a lot of vegetables, a lot of big chunks of meat, bread.

The Wood Stone [oven] is a rocket ship and we lean on it heavily during the peak hours of our busy nights. It produces a wonderful product in a timely manner.

There is a very honest and primal aspect to having a stone hearth in your kitchen. the oven generates quite a buzz in the restaurant. There’s always eyes drawn to it because there is always a lot of activity in front of it because it is such a workhorse.”

Jason Stoneburner – Stoneburner.

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