Feb 06, 2013

The Sous Vide Finish Line

Here’s to another sweet moment in the Bellingham Test Kitchen! Chefs Frank and Tim teamed up with consultant Andrew Delage from Chandler Regional Healthcare, and Gary Wycoff from Winston to experiment with advanced staging and sous vide techniques. According to Wood Stone’s Corporate Sous Chef, Travis Walker, “The process of cooking sous vide, or in a vacuum bag, has become quite popular due to the consistency of the finished product. The downside to sous vide is that since there isn’t any direct contact with a heat source, food will often have an unusual look and texture when it is done…[but] this is where we think Wood Stone is a great partner because caramelization and high heat are what stone hearth cooking is all about.” Indeed, the Wood Stone Plancha, Whatcom Gas Vertical Rotisserie, Mountain Series and Fire Deck ovens worked their magic. With their repeatable, all-day high heat capabilities, they proved that they have the brawn to cross that sous vide finish line!

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