Jul 03, 2013

Project Pie

Are you into designing your own pizzas?  Then Project Pie is the place for you. Founded by ex-boxer and and pizza pioneer James Markham, Project Pie is a fun variation on Chipotle-style dining. As Markham says on his blog, “I love Chipotle: the efficient assembly line, fresh ingredients etc., and it how they branded themselves really resonated with me. Why hadn’t anyone done that with pizza?” Project Pie, a haven for people to create their very own artisan pizzas affordably, is the unique answer to this question.

But it wouldn’t make sense for an efficiently created pizza to take a half hour to bake, so having a hearth that cooks quickly and evenly is imperative to the Project Pie Mission. As customers come to the end of their pizza-creating journey, a Wood Stone Fire Deck 9660 is there to greet them. This large, high-production oven bakes completely in 3-5 minutes, and its influence hasn’t gone unnoticed. One food blogger posted, “You know what I hate about ordering pizza? Waiting for it…Luckily, at Project Pie you don’t have to wait long at all thanks to their 800° oven that cooks your 12 inch pizza in three minutes flat.” Even The Nation’s Restaurant News noted that, “A key differentiator for Project Pie is its 800-degree oven, now used by only a handful of the growing number of fast-casual pizza concepts.” What a Wood Stone recommendation!




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