Jan 18, 2012

Modmarket: Farm to Fork Fast Food

We always love getting testimonials from our customers. Check out what Anthony from Modmarket had to say about his concept and his love for their Wood Stone Fire Deck 8645 ovens:

“We opened in the fall of 2009 in Boulder and have since added a store in Glendale and another in Greenwood Village CO. Our concept is farm to fork fast food. We make everything from scratch from simple, whole ingredients and have an open kitchen design that allows customers to see their food being prepped and made. Wood Stone 8645 ovens are a key element to all of this as they are the only piece of cooking equipment in the stores besides a chargrill. We cook everything in the oven – trays of chicken and steak, roasted veggies, frittatas, toasted sandwiches and pizzas. We have a unique whole grain pizza dough that allows our pizzas to be both artisan and good for you at the same time. The ovens ability to cook 4 sheet trays at once is critical for us as our stores are very high volume. We also do a lot of catering and the ability to toast 100 sandwiches at once makes preparing large orders with minimal lead times possible for us. Hopefully we will continue to grow and expand and can buy even more ovens from you all.  It is a workhorse product and we love it.”

If you are in the Denver Metro area, a stop by Modmarket is a must! And did we mention they have a tasty catering menu as well? Be sure to check them out for your next event.


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