Oct 31, 2018

Guest Post: Meet Chef Ann Rudorf

Meet Ann Rudorf, Wood Stone Corporate Chef

“A visit to the Wood Stone Test Kitchen is worth its weight in pizza from one of our wood-fired or gas-fired stone hearth ovens!”

What are some of your favorite items to cook during a visit to the Wood Stone Test Kitchen? 

I’d have to say, some of my favorite items to cook during a visit include our Rib-eye grilled over hardwood on the charbroiler, baby backs from the GVR, Bison burgers a la Plancha, or Cedar Plank Sockeye Salmon from our co-founder’s reefnet fishing operation off one of the local islands.

What is the best part about participating in a visit here? 

Your menu items tested on any piece of equipment from our line – that’s the best part about participating in a visit here. The Wood Stone culinary team will customize your visit to whatever degree you want. Or we can just wow you with our greatest hits and let you ask your questions later!

I am one of the remote chefs and am based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. So for me, every time I come to the factory I’m a bit of a guest and appreciate the guest experience with the Test Kitchen, the Factory Tour, the general office tour and VERY FUN vibe. Also, the beauty of the Northwest and the possible layover for a day or so in foodie Seattle is a bonus.

I learn something new every time I’m in the test kitchen. It’s always an amazing group interaction with guests who are all involved in some aspect of the food industry . I’ll never forget the week I was there which coincided with a chef doing testing with our duck oven.

Is there a certain visit to our Test Kitchen that stands out for you?

Yes! My bucket list/last meal request came true when we cooked up more crispy duck skin than I could eat (which had never happened before).

Any additional advice or must-see places while visiting? 

Absolutely! You will have a great time checking out Bellingham and the local sites. Chefs Anthony and Travis can guide you through the Brew Pubs and dive bars, as well as the pizzerias and high-end fish houses which utilize Wood Stone equipment. And super culinary whiz Liza can offer you a yoga class to energize you between the factory visit and a night on the town.

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