Nov 10, 2021

Fueling connections; hip is where the Hearth is

by Melissa Enge • Regional Sales Manager, EMEA
đź“·: Zoku website

Fueling connections; hip is where the Hearth is.

To stay relevant today, restaurants must be functional, sophisticated, and meaningful. One venue that easily ticks all these boxes and many, many more is a hybrid Apartment- hotel concept called Zoku out of Vienna.

The Zoku caters to global nomads, people that feel at home roaming around the world with their life possessions in their backpacks and can work from virtually anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. With the onset of covid and the zoom office, coupled with a hyper acceleration of digitization – work life boundaries have become increasingly blurred. Many workers opted to join the gig economy or realized working from home could mean anywhere in the world. The unconventional motif created at the Zoku seamlessly meets the needs of these non-conformist workers and travelers that conventional hotels do not.

Some stand out aspects of the Apartment- hotel. The focal point of both the lofts and the shared space is the dining area. The communal spaces have been designed to “fuel connections, spark ideas and drive productivity.” The restaurant dining area sports a “Living Kitchen” with a long, shared counter where guests enjoy regional epicurean delights cooked Slow Food style for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Adding to the customer experience is the continuous radiant flame from the Wood Stone oven nestled in the wall, that not only exudes warmth for customers on cold Austrian nights but also fuels their appetites by cooking pizza. Its wood burning crackle and bright orange flicker are the perfect backdrop for cozy convivium, a glass of wine and gemütlichkeit.

Although the oven produces heat, make no bones about it the Zoku exudes pure hip and cool. The employees are called “Sidekicks” and are “Globally savvy but locally rooted” Lofts replace conventional hotel rooms and welcome natural light and breathtaking views of Vienna, that sometimes include the Megablitz roller coaster. The artwork on the wall can be swapped out if it doesn’t suit customers’ fancies and the focal point of the room is not the bed but the hybrid dining and office space.

Next time you hear Vienna calling for business or pleasure why not try fueling some new connections? The Apartment-Hotel concept offers customers the convenience of a more private lifestyle or meeting hip cosmopolitans by the stone hearth fire, the choice is yours.


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