Feb 17, 2010

Flame Color in a Wood Stone Oven

D2X (126)

We often receive calls from technicians or operators who, upon seeing the beautiful yellow dancing flame of Wood Stone oven for the first time, are concerned that the flames are yellow instead of blue and assume there is a problem. After all, we have all been taught for years that the only clean cooking flame is a blue flame!

But a Wood Stone Oven is different in so many ways. Unlike other gas burning appliances that rely on the flames direct contact with a cooking vessel, and where a yellow flame would result in sooting and carbon monoxide issues (think gas burners and pans on range tops), in a Wood Stone oven the flame does not come into direct contact with the surfaces you are heating or cooking, so we can achieve a clean cooking flame that is also aesthetically pleasing. Rest assured, we have the independent domestic and international safety certifications and listings to back this up.

This flame color and intensity is not just aesthetic though, it also serves to give the oven the cooking characteristics that have made Wood Stone’s gas-fired ovens comparable in cooking capabilities to our wood-fired versions. After all, what good is a gas-fired oven if it can’t cook as well as the wood-fired originals?

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