Feb 10, 2010

“Stephan Bahr executive chef Metrazur New York City” – Food Arts Magazine January/February 2010


” I love the Wood Stone Pizza Oven ( because it never, ever breaks down. Our restaurant has been here for 10 years, and everything breaks down – except for the Wood Stone. It doesn’t have any moving parts, and the internal hardware is really good. Nothing burns out. We’ve never had to replace anything in the Wood Stone. It’s gas fired, but we used different wood chips to flavor the food. It’s a perfect piece of equipment for dishes such as charred Angus sirloin steak with rosemary fries, smoky Scottish salmon with corn and mushroom hash, and “natural” chicken with truffle/Parmesan broth.”

For more aobut Metrazur and Stephan Bahr, Visit the Metrazur Website. (A Charlie Palmer Property)

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