Oct 22, 2013

Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza

Our great friends from Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza were recently up visiting our test kitchen and Michael, Director of Kitchen Systems, had the following words to share about his experience with Chef Frank:

“18 years ago we lit our first fire in our original Wood Stone oven. We have used the coals from our original oven to start the fire in every Wood Stone oven we use today.  For us it symbolizes to never forget where you come from, let your Past fuel your Future. Wood Stone has been such a great partner, helping us serve Artisan pizza, Cooked on Stone, In front of an Open Flame. Nourishing every community that we are in.

We literally have started every fire in our company with the coals from our original Lacey store!

Chef Frank customizes demonstrations for our team to show us the endless possibilities of Wood Stone ovens.  He has a strong background in restaurants so he can really relate to challenges we face in the day to day operations.  His passion for quality is an inspiration for all artisans, one day he needs to sit down and to put all of his thoughts, recipes, stories, knowledge, and technique onto paper so that it can be shared will all chefs.  When that book is published I will be purchasing the first 50 copies to put into the hands of all my artisans.”

Thanks for the kind words, Michael, and we are so grateful to be able to work with amazing people like you and your team!

Farrelli's Wood Fire Pizza


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