Jun 20, 2011

Wood Stone & the Thunderbird Medical Center


Wood Stone is excited have a Wood Stone Mt. Adams Oven in a project at the Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale, Arizona.  This hospital renovated its foodservice areas to accommodate their growing operation. Their efforts were rewarded in March by being highlighted by Foodservice Equipment and Supplies and the Design Project of the Month!

“At Fusions, customers see a wood-burning-style brick oven that cooks pizza, casseroles, calzones, naan and pasta dishes. Julie wanted to get away from a motorized conveyor pizza oven to make this area fresh and exciting and be equipped to present the higher-quality items that Chef Jamie wants to produce,”  Dieli says.   (Richard Dieli, Foodservice Design Consultant of Dieli Murawka Howe, FCSI)

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