Jun 02, 2014

Wood Stone has Gone Solar!

Solar Panels

Wood Stone has gone solar! A couple months ago, we completed the installation of 180 solar panels on the roof of our north building, with a peak rating of 45.9 kW.

Fueled by our desire for sustainability, Wood Stone partnered with eight other organizations to bring this project to fruition. As the driving force for this Community Solar project which began back in the fall of 2012, we were happy to be the host site for the community grid. We also made sure to source local resources and had the panels manufactured by Itek Energy, just on the other side of town from us. Then we had a team from just south of Bellingham, Whidbey Sun and Wind, install the 250 watt panels.

The strong efficiency of the panels has generated us with 17,000 kilowatt hours thus far and has kept 12,000kg of CO2 out of the environment. Even in a short amount of time these solar panels are certainly helping to curb our footprint.

We look forward to continuing our commitment to lower our environmental impact, while supporting local businesses at the same time. For those of you interested, there are some fascinating charts and graphics below that show off the nitty gritty stats of our new energy system.



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