Dec 07, 2012

Wood Stone Service Training

Wood Stone and Greenfield World Trade recently completed a series of service trainings in India and the UAE. J. Mike Miller, Global Service Manager, and Merrill Bevan, Vice President of International Sales, for Wood Stone were joined by Alvin Ganaishlal and Brenden Wright of Greenfield.

During the two week trip that spanned Mumbai, Bangalore and Dubai, 8 different service seminars were completed, training a total of 14 different distributors and service companies. The goal of these seminars was to build national and regional service networks and increase the service response footprint. The result is a network of Wood Stone capable service companies throughout the major metros in India and many 2nd tier markets, as well as a thorough service network in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Wood Stone is very excited about opportunities in the Middle East and India and see these, combined with China and Southeast Asia, as the key emerging hospitality and foodservice markets in the world. This investment in the service infrastructure for those markets is a key aspect of our long term efforts to provide the best sales support in the industry.

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