Nov 19, 2009

Wood Stone Rotisseries, GREAT for Peruvian Chicken

As cultures continue to find their way into North America we continue to enjoy the impact through food. It’s refreshing to enjoy food prepared and cooked from a different culture. One of those wonderful cultures is from the country of Peru. Today, in North America we get to enjoy Peruvian Chicken. Peruvian Chicken is simple rotisserie chicken, cooked over an open fire of charcoal or wood. The chicken is unique in its’ flavor due to the marinades and seasonings that they use. Most commonly you will see garlic, cumin, paprika, and citrus. One ingredient that many say make all the difference is the Aji Armarillo Pepper.

What truly sets Peruvian Chicken apart is the way that it’s cooked, in a rotisserie fueled by solid wood or mesquite charcoal. The magic happens when the chicken is cooked over an open flame creating a distinct flavor profile with smoke and carmelization. The rotisseries known for cooking these chickens in Peru do not often meet the listing standards in North America.

Wood Stone manufactures rotisseries that are the solution for cooking Peruvian Chicken and they also meet all code standards in North America. The Mt. Olympus Rotisserie by Wood Stone is designed with the option of 6 or 10 spits and can produce hundreds of chickens a day. The Mt. Olympus can also be built with a broiler attached to the front to finish product or for any other broiler needs.

The Peruvian chicken is usually served as a half chicken and is finished off with a fresh salad and fries/fried plantains. The unique ingredient to this dish is the Aji Verde Sauce. This is a green chili sauce unique to the region and coming to North America with open arms and taste buds. What this concept has in common with so many other successful concepts is its simplicity. Operators are partnering with Wood Stone to focus on this unique menu item and making it great! How can we help you?

Looking for a gas option? Check out Wood Stone’s Whatcom Gas-Fired Vertical Rotisserie.

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