Apr 01, 2010

Wood Stone Celebrates Twenty Years – TODAY!


Jackie Van Zwol, Sales and Consultant Coordinator

Once upon a time, in a land way up north and west, there lived some guys enjoying their lives. One sold restaurant equipment (Keith) and the other built commercial incinerators (Harry). One day a chef asked Keith to bring him a reliable wood-burning brick oven. “If you could but sell me an oven that I could love, I will reward you with pizza!” Keith looked and looked at all the ovens he saw in the land and thought “Gee Whiz! These are built like cheap imports! I know a guy with the powers to conquer this evil in the land!” Keith sought Harry. “Harry, Chef commands a good oven for his people! Can you please build one?” Harry looked at the ovens in the land and said “Good Golly, this will be like building a toy incinerator! Only we get pizza!” And lo, Harry built the oven, Keith sold the oven, the Chef cooked in the oven and there was much rejoicing in the land!

Keith and Harry were happy. So happy they wanted to share their happiness as well as the happiness of the Chef and his People. They embarked upon an adventure after that day and gathered other happy people that they could spend their days with. This group of people they named “Wood Stone” and they worked and played together, brought their happiness to others by sending them awesome ovens and teaching them to cook pizza and other yummy things and generally being helpful to everyone they met.

Keith and Harry are happy to this day. They and their group of friends are growing and finding all kinds of happiness to bring to all kinds of people in the world. They hope that this group they call Wood Stone will continue to grow and be happy for generations to come.

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