Sep 21, 2011

Why a Wood Stone Tandoor?

21 Years ago Keith Carpenter and Harry Hegarty saw the need for a stone hearth oven that did not have heat recovery issues – basically a stone hearth that could meet the demand for the high production restaurants in North America.
About 7 or 8 years ago Wood Stone saw the same need in the manufacturing of Tandoor Ovens. The challenge being that the traditional clay ovens did not hold temperature, did not have a proper listing to be installed responsibly, maintained antiquated and inefficient burner systems coupled with inefficient insulation, and mostly, the clay vessels continue to collapse and fall apart within 2 years of use.
With our expertise in ceramics behind us, we created a stone that replicated the baking characteristics of clay. We added to it strength and durability and to-date not one of our Tandoors has collapsed or fallen apart. We also added a burner system that allowed us to reach much higher temperatures, if needed, and at the same time burn much less gas. Again, much of the efficiency can be credited to the ceramic which is designed to hold on to heat. This same burner design gave us consistent temperatures from the bottom to the top of the vessel and completely around the vessel’s cooking surface. Due to the steadiness of the heat, we do not have to use a traditional cover on the top of the tandoor to balance the bake of a Naan Bread top and bottom. Both the simple clean-out tray at the bottom of the tandoor, and the very accessible, serviceable burner are simple additions that make the Wood Stone Tandoor a great value.

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