Jul 10, 2012

We really wanted to give the facility that ‘wow’ factor…

We really wanted to give the facility that ‘wow’ factor. The president of our university, Dr. Joseph M. Stowell, suggested getting the pizza oven. So, with his insight, and after going around to other colleges and universities to check to see what the competition was doing, we chose to add one. It has been great. Everyone has just been overwhelmed with how wonderful it is. Students have shown excitement and enthusiasm for the upgrades. We have seen numbers increase per meal, and students now spend more time lingering over meals and enjoying study groups in the Dining Room. We have received many positive comments from our students; they love the fresh vegetables in particular, have verbally complimented the additional meal options and are great fans of our artisan pizzas. – On Campus Hospitality, July 2012

Cindy Wilthiess
Director of Cornerstone University Food Service
Cornerstone University
Grand Rapids Charter Township, MI
Mt. Baker

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