Used Equipment Info & Support

It’s true Wood Stone builds great equipment that lasts. In fact, our first oven is still in operation today!

If you have acquired a used oven and would like support, we have a full set of resources to help you and a number of support options available for purchase.

  • Most information regarding your oven installation, startup, and use can be found in the Installation & Operations Manual for your oven.
  • If you have questions regarding general ventilation requirements, you can find those in our Venting overview. Ventilation needs specific to your oven model would be in the Installation & Operations Manual.
  • Information regarding footprints and loads can be found on the various product pages. Please select the footprint for your model.
  • More information regarding installation, facades (design/aesthetic options), and venting can be found in our Oven Design & Installation section.
  • Information regarding service and maintenance can be found in our Service & Maintenance section.
  • Wood-fired oven? Check out our Ash Dolly and Wood Handling Cart info.
  • Shop Tools & Accessories

Used Equipment Service Options

Additional services for a fee that are available are outlined below.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these services please contact us or call 360.650.1111 with the model and serial number. Please ask for the Used Oven Support Team.

Oven History Report

This is the “Car Fax” of Wood Stone used ovens. It includes:

  • Original Oven Ship Date
  • List of Original Accessories and options ordered
  • Owner and Service History

To request a report, please fill out the form below. Once we have pulled the report on your oven, we will contact you.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.


Re-Installation Details & Support

Of course, you can “Do-It-Yourself” and comb the resources on our website, but if you’d like a guiding hand in getting pointed in the right direction, this option is a great start.

  • Installation Manual for your model oven (including older versions for older controls when appropriate)
  • Venting guides for your specific model
  • A comprehensive guide to our website, detailing resources for facade tutorials, unloading, moving, and other important installation details
  • 30 minutes of Technical Support by phone with a Wood Stone technician
  • 30 minutes of Chef Talk

Additional Technical Support or Culinary Consultation

Need more assistance? We can help! Purchase additional consultation time which includes an Oven History Report.

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