Mar 28, 2011

Translate Wood Stone’s website into more than 50 languages!

Wood Stone’s website has a great new (and helpful) feature! When you visit our site you will find a drop down menu in the upper right section of every page titled “Select Language”.  This component incorporates the power of Google Translate to interpret any HTML page, within the Wood Stone website, into over 50 different languages.  We’re very pleased to offer this feature so that our customers can access key information in many different languages ranging from Spanish to Chinese to Arabic to Hindi to Hungarian. 

Two quick words of caution.  Google Translate applies only to HTML.  PDFs are not translated by this application.  Second, while Google Translate is a very powerful program allowing instantaneous translation it does have the limitations that accompany any automated translating tool.  So as you use it, please keep this in mind and approach any mistranslations with curiosity (contact us for clarification) and a sense of humor!  On the whole we feel having this tool will be very, very useful!

Please note you will find professionally translated spec sheets and manuals (as .pdfs) in many locations in the website.

 Translate woodstone-corp into over 50 languages!

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